FAQ Coin Master

Why am I not getting the latest links some days?

Mostly links available daily, but some time due to unexpected circumstances we not able to update links. In that case, you not able to get the latest links.

When new links updated in the “Free Spin and Coin Links” blog?

We update links daily when links available, mostly we update links at noon and evening. So, if you open this blog at this time, you get the latest links for free spin and coins.

Send me 500/1000 spins?

Some users asking for more spins, send me 1000 spins.

We understand the requirement of spin as a gamer, but friends. There always seems links for limited rewards, provide more spins is not in our hand. We collect links and list for you.

But we will always try to available the latest links as soon as possible.

How many days old links we can use? (Link expiration period)

Some links are for a limited period, e.g., 2hr/4-5hr that will be shown expire message the same day. (such links are rare.) Mostly we check all connections and not add expired links.

heck out the examples below.

How can i collect my rewards ?

Click on the image post and then wait until the countdown finish then a button will be display click on it to collect your free spins & coins.

How I know if rewards are added today ?

Subscribe with Red Bell below to get notified when free spins and coins links are added and follow us on our social media pages.