2nd Coin Master free spins 30.01.2020

How to get free Coins using Daily Bonus Wheel?

  • Daily Bonus Wheel exists bottom right in the screen
  • First, click it and go to the Bonus Wheel screen
  • Now click spin wheel option
  • Wheelspin and stop at particular bonus with collect button
  • Click the given button to collect winning Coins
  • That’s it

When the Daily Bonus Wheel available?

Free Daily Bonus Wheel available once every 24 hours. Once the Coins have been collected, the player needs to wait for the next 24 hours.

What is countdown below Daily Bonus Wheel?

Once the user collected a reward from Daily Bonus Wheel, a countdown starts below the wheel. Countdown showed the remaining time for the next Daily Bonus spin.

How can I use the Daily Bonus Wheel before 24 hours?

Well, that’s not possible. also related hacks not recommended.

There is always the option after used free Bonus Wheel to buy a spin, but it is not a free option. so, better to wait for 24 hours. 🙂

What is the Daily Bonus level?

Game user can win free coins bouns using Daily Bonus Wheel based on Daily bonus level.

Daily Bonus Wheel level up alongside the user/player, with the rewards, increase with each step.

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